About Lunchology


Lunchology started during a conversation over a freshly made dinner by Eleana, that was so good it left us wanting more. We wanted to know why healthy food couldn’t be this tasty and come prepared every day. If only this was the case, we could stay on track with everything that comes up during our day with kids and work.

We decided that night we wanted to change the standard of healthy eating, one delicious meal at a time.

Our number one pain point was time. Not enough time in the day to manage our jobs, kids, healthy lifestyle, let alone a functional diet. We didn’t want meals piling up in our fridge, nor would we stand for receiving mystery food, oh, and we needed flexibility.

We started immediately, subjecting our families and friends to our crazy idea. We started cooking fresh meals daily out of our homes and delivering to a few working in offices and some at home with the kids that graciously accepted supporting us.

Until they realized how convenient it was. The consistency was making a difference in their daily routine, they were seeing changes in their bodies, and it was tasty. Word spread through their offices and between friends and our lunch  program grew with requests for lunch and dinner and before we knew it, by word of mouth, we grew to what we are today.

We are happy to be here. Happy to be making a difference in peoples lives. We come to work everyday with the satisfaction of knowing we can be a part of our customers day in a healthy, positive way.